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Sharks and Chablis Annual Fundraiser


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Sharks & Chablis 2015

Come celebrate with us Sunday October 18th, from 2 pm to 7 pm at the Aquarium, 222 Clark Drive in Panacea, as we pay tribute to our accomplishments and look forward to many more years filled with our signature blend of innovation, preservation and engagement. We love what we do. And if you enjoy boating and the beach, eat Gulf seafood, support scientific research or rely on the patronage of people who do, then you love us too.

Sponsorships are needed to make the event a success. Help keep GSML on the cutting edge of marine science education. Funds raised also support the maintenance and expansion of marine life rescue and rehabilitation programs. This year’s event offers many exciting ways to get involved and enjoy recognition for your business. Access the sponsorship packet here 

Sharks & Chablis 2015 Sponsorship Packet



goliath grouperPlanned  improvements to Aquarium facilities and programming include a new home for our baby Goliath Grouper. He could grow to 800 pounds!

Planned improvements to the Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation program mean more help for sea turtles like Allie the Loggerhead,  released back into the wild by GSML in 2013 following a year of rehabilitation. We hope to be able to track released sea turtles in the near future, providing study and interest for Aquarium visitors and school groups.

Sharks & Chablis 2015 Sponsors