Encrusting Hard Corals

Cn-200 STAR CORAL, Astrangia asteriaformes, the traditional laboratory coral. Resembles a miniature reef coral, ranging in color from pink to white, with large polyps. We recommend it for studying coordination of polyps. Several colonies may be attached to shells.

Each: 22.00

Cn-210 ROSE BUD CORAL, Phyllangia americana, a beautiful pink coral with large

Rosebud coral (Phyllangia americana) at Gulf Specimen in Panacea, FL.

individual polyps. Tentacles are studded with wart-like nematocysts. Sporadically available in shell collections along with Occulinacorals.

Each: 25.50






Cn-211 RED STAR CORAL Cladacora arbuscula

Red shell coral (Cladocora arbuscula)
at Gulf Specimen in Panacea, FL.




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