Soft Corals

There are approximately 6000 species of anthozoans classified in several orders and subclasses, including hard and soft corals, sea whips, fans, antipatharians, sea pens, zooantharians and sea anemones. The northern Gulf of Mexico has only a few species, but what we have look great.

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Sea Whips – Mountains in the Sea 2003: Discover New England Seamount’s
Cnidaria coloniais (French) Hidden Beach

Cn-230 SEA PANSY, Renilla mulleri, a soft spongy anthozoan colony with elongated

Sea pansy (Renilla mulleri) at Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium.

white polyps, excellent for feeding experiments. Polyps are vividly luminescent when handled in the dark. Waves of luminescense move concentrically over the colony. Renilla anchors itself into substratum with short peduncle, and makes distinct trails in the mud. Colony may inflate itself with water. Size: 4-6 cm.

Each: 14.00


Cn-240 SEA WHIP, Leptogorgia virgulata or Psudoleptogorgia sp., an elongated, tree-

Sea whip (Leptogorgia virgulata) at Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium.

shaped gorgonian with colorful whip-like branches rising in all directions from a short, main trunk which is firmly fastened to the bottom. At night, hundreds of feathery white polyps emerge from its horny skeleton to feed. Coordination of the polyps may be easily studied within the colony. Leptogorgia has the highest color variation of any gorgonian, comes in reds, oranges, purples, yellows and cream. A good indicator of water quality, if their polyps stop expanding, it’s time to add new water to the tank. Size: 20-30 cm.

Each: 14.50


Cn-241 SEA FAN, Lophogorgia hebes, this brick red, densely branching sea fan has


knobby red and white polyps, instantly adding the tropical reef look to the aquarium. Found in 60 foot depths, on coral rock bottoms, Lophogorgia outlasts all other gorgonians. Sporadically available. Size: 8-16 cm.

Each: 25.50





Fat Gorgonian, Pseudoplexaura (a type of coral)








Cn-245 ZOOANTHID COLLECTION, may include as available Parazoanthus sp. these sponge zooanthids grow symbiotically with sponge species. They are very interesting specimens and sporadically available. Size approx 10 cm per collection.

Each 45.00





Zooanthid sp, a colonial animal/coral at Pure Aquariums from the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab.


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